Warzone 2 Glitch Compilation Leaves Fans Calling It “Unplayable”

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Call of Duty games are no stranger to having “unplayable” glitches throughout their time. Although the franchise is popular, sometimes they seem to have some of the worse glitches. Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players are experiencing a bug leaving the game almost completely unplayable.

While these bugs and glitches are normally fixed with a patch update, some players might claim a little differently, and they are still very annoying to the gamers trying to play the games. The bug in Warzone 2 basically makes the player die completely once they have just landed in the game.

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Warzone Is Unplayable With New Glitch

This glitch was shared on the CODWarzone subreddit, showing a player skydiving and landing, taking some immediate damage. However, this Reddit clip doesn’t disclose just one or two glitches but an assortment in the “glitch complication.”

Call of Duty games always seem to top the list of games with several bugs and glitches that players claim to never get fixed, between last week having a completely headless Ghost and many more that are constantly popping up. While developer Infinity Ward does work to fix glitches, sometimes, in games, it does feel like it is forever before they get to them.

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With a complication of glitches as this Reddit post displays, there isn’t any telling when a patch for these might release; Infinity Ward and Activision will likely do it soon so players can continue playing as normal. Some of the glitches found in Call of Duty games, such as Warzone 2, can be hilarious, like trapping players inside Buy Stations, but at the same time, they are frustrating for players trying to rank up.

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