Warzone 2 & MW2 Devs Mocked For Buffing Weapon Attachment That “Doesn’t Exist”

Warzone 2 Ghost shooting


The barrel is now very meta – you just can’t use it.

Season Two Reloaded of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 dropped on March 15, bringing the typical weapon, equipment and attachment buffs and nerfs. A long-anticipated weakening to the KV Broadside cam, as did nerfs to a series of LMGs: the Sakin MG38, RPK and RAAL.

Eagle-eyed Call of Duty players also noticed a listed buff for a barrel on the Lachmann Sub called the LM Nebula. Specifically, the LM Nebula Barrel had its damage range buffed and recoil control improved; in theory making it a must-have attachment on any MP5 build.

However, as spotted by Redditor ‘KNEXIUM’, the aforementioned barrel doesn’t actually exist in-game. Their March 16 post highlighted the buff comments from the patch notes, before pointing to a post that asked what happened to the LM Nebula.

According to the post, the LM Nebula was a barrel option that featured an integrated suppressor, representing the real-life MP5SD. That specific barrel has never surfaced in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2, with only three barrel options available: the FTAC M-Sub 12″, Lachmann Pulsar or L38 Falcon 226mm.

Lachmann Sub Barrels in Warzone 2 and MW2 Gunsmith
Image Source: Activision via Twinfinite

It’s likely that it was cut in pre-release development, but this has not been confirmed.

Naturally, players found the whole affair amusing. One commented: “They probably buffed it thinking it was bad because nobody uses it, forgetting they didn’t even put it in the game.”

Another joked: “The bots in DMZ probably have it. It’s what makes them so deadly.”

It could be a sign that the integrated suppressor barrel for the Lachmann Sub will drop in a future update, but it’s not entirely clear given its current omission from the game altogether. At the time of writing, the devs have not addressed the confusion.

In the meantime, you can check out our recommended Lachmann Sub build for both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. Unsurprisingly, neither feature the LM Nebula barrel.

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