Warzone DMZ Is Already Making Massive Changes to the Plea for Help Mechanic

Call of Duty Season 4 Reloaded Will Finally Address Issues With DMZ's Solo-Play & Assimilations

DMZ’s Plea for Help system continues to be one of the most favorable mechanics in the game, as fallen Operators gain one more shot at a successful Exfil. Now, this interaction just got a whole better thanks to the changes implemented from Season 4 Reloaded.

One of the first notable alterations is the Plea for Help’s extension improvement, increasing the time from 15 seconds to 20. Those who play DMZ know that every second counts, so this addition can help make the experience much more accessible.

Whenever someone revives another player, the fallen soldier will not automatically join the team, but the reviver will receive a prompt to accept the new teammate. However, if you are worried about the enemy squad taking you down after a revive, you can rely on a 30-second grace period where you’ll remain invincible.

On top of that, Plea for Help and Loot interactions will now be separated, given that many players have unintentionally robbed fallen soldiers (sorry to anyone I’ve accidentally looted in the past). Thus, the Plea for Help will be available on the body, while the Loot can be accessed from their Backpack. You can also revive Operators after looting them to stir up some trouble.

Lastly, the enemy squad will not be able to accept any plea requests for soldiers they’ve eliminated in order to reduce the risk of force assimilation.

With all these features, DMZ will undoubtedly play out a fair bit differently than before, especially with the addition of the grace period. Especially so given the introduction of the bounty system in this season’s Reloaded update, too. We’ll just have to see what these new elements will bring to the table and if they benefit the overall experience.

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