Warzone Players Adamant “Superpowers” Don’t Belong in DMZ After Season 4 Reloaded Item Reveal

Temp V Field Upgrade Warzone

Warzone’s DMZ playerbase have been responding to the reveal of Season 4 Reloaded (S4R) on July 10, with one new item in particular coming in for some criticism.

Activision’s reveal of S4R, two days before it is expected to launch on July 12, featured little on DMZ. Instead, it focused on The Boys crossover, a new automatic shotgun and a new Vondel Waterfront map.

As part of the pop-culture crossover with the hit TV show, a new Temp V Field Upgrade will be coming to all of Warzone’s modes. A temporary item, it’ll grant users one of four superpowers when activated. These are Charge Jump, Electric Shockwave, Laser Vision and Teleport.

While it’s only part of the limited-time crossover with The Boys, it’s provoked a decidedly mixed response in the DMZ community, where a lot of players seem to think it shouldn’t be. Activision did caveat its involvement in DMZ by saying it’ll be “a lot rarer” in the extraction mode. Even so, fans don’t seem keen.

A post from one player simply titled “”SuPeRpOwErS” do not belong in DMZ” flew to the top of the mode’s subreddit, with the OP commenting: “Can we at least get our key and item bugs fixed before we worry about becoming super hero operators?”

Temp V Field Upgrade Warzone
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Others quickly echoed the original post, with one respondent saying: “This is not something for DMZ. That’s all.”

Another said: “In the last two days, I’ve had multiple ways this game has bugged out on me… I’d very much rather they fix the bugs than add in… this.”

Others were less critical, seeing it as a fun and limited-time way to spice up gameplay. One player, going against the grain, said: “I don’t mind it as a temporary event thing. We’ll see how rare it really is.” Another agreed, saying they were “pumped” for the update.

It is only for a limited-time, with the Temp V expected to be removed from all modes in Warzone when the collaboration with The Boys ceases.

Regardless, we can’t imagine it’ll be much fun to solo infil and come up against a six-person team teleporting and using their laser vision against you. We’ve been wrong before, though.

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