Watcher of Realms, an upcoming tower defense RPG, has begun pre-registration

Watcher of Realms, an upcoming tower defense RPG, has begun pre-registration

Moonton has just opened pre-registrations for its upcoming game, Watcher of Realms on Android, iOS, and PC. The developers are best known for the highly popular Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. They’re now back with another thrilling RPG adventure that takes place in a fantasy world.

Watcher of Realms is set in Tya, where players take on the role of Commander Aurion. The inhabitants of Tya are in grave danger and the world itself is getting corrupted because of the Tides of Darkness. Players must create a squad of powerful heroes that can counter these foes and ultimately defeat the Ancient God.

This party of heroes will be forged from various factions, with players being able to learn about all of them. It will add a lot to the lore as each hero has a unique backstory. Their abilities set them apart from one another, and special abilities may be activated when using characters from the same faction.

Tya itself is a sprawling world with distinctive regions such as arid deserts, frozen dungeons, molten volcanic caves, and gigantic mountains. Each environment will offer a different challenge. Players will have to equip specific teams to combat the various geographic difficulties they encounter on their journey.

As for the gameplay, Watcher of Realms will feature tower defense action, as players strategically plan their moves in order to prevent enemy forces from breaching their stronghold. Each stage will have its own set of problems to tackle, and the only way to succeed is by choosing the right team. As long as the members perform synergistically, victory will always be in sight.

On top of this, the game will also offer PvP action in Arena Mode. This is for all the competitive players out there who wish to fight their way to the top and become the Arena Overlord.

Pre-register for Watcher of Realms on Google Play right now. An iOS page should be up soon.

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