Wayfinder launches next month via early access

Wayfinder launches next month via early access


Publisher Digital Extremes and developer Airship Syndicate have announced an early access release date for Wayfinder.

The character-based online ARPG is launching via early access on August 15th for PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. More info was revealed like playable character Venomess, in-game housing, new Founder’s Packs, and more.

“Early Access is a huge milestone for the entire studio,” said Creative Director Joe Madureira. “Traditionally we’ve shipped boxed games like Darksiders Genesis, or Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, and moved onto the next project. It’s incredibly exciting that this truly is the start.”

Game Director Steve Madureira added, “We’ve run quite a few incredibly successful beta tests with thousands of players around the world. Those tests gave us great insight and we’ve made some awesome changes based on player feedback for Early Access. We plan to continue that trend so we have a solid foundation going into our full Free-to-Play release.”

Here’s a rundown on the early access release, plus some new trailers:

An Endless Adventure with Friends Awaits with Wayfinder’s Early Access

Players on PC and PlayStation can jump into Wayfinder during Early Access with full Cross Play and Cross Save* support starting August 15 by purchasing a Founder’s Pack. Packs are offered in several tiers, each offering access to two seasons of Early Access content and exciting, unique, and time-limited rewards. Reward highlights include instant access to Venomess, a more formidable “Heroic” version of the warmage Kyros, and access to the Reward Tower – Wayfinder’s take on the Battle Pass, where players can earn up to 100 different items and more that never expire.

Wayfinder Founder’s Packs will be upgradeable via the Store platform of choice and available in four tiers: the Base Pack, Initiate Pack, Awakened Pack, and Exalted Pack, with more exclusive rewards and iconic items for players selecting premium Founder’s Pack options. Players can upgrade their pack at any time during Early Access. Harness the power of Heroic Kyros, a visually striking and more powerful version of Kyros only available through Early Access, by purchasing an Awakened or Exalted Pack.

Heroic Wayfinders feature a visually distinct aesthetic flair and increased base stats for a more powerful warrior. No matter which Founder’s Pack a new player chooses, exclusive rewards will be available throughout Early Access with Gloom Break: Founder’s Season 1 and Season 2 included. All players will also have access to an Apartment – ​​an aspirational housing system slowly being rolled out. In their Apartment, players can equip powerful artifacts that grant their Wayfinders buffs and boons or simply decorate as they please.

For more information about Founder’s Pack and Early Access to Wayfinder, visit www.playwayfinder.com.

Earn Unique items with an Interactive Battle Pass that Never Expires

Each Founder’s Pack offers players different levels of access to Wayfinder’s Season 1 and 2 Reward Tower – Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes’ fresh take on the Battle Pass. Through Wayfinder’s interactive Reward Tower, players can earn unique seasonal customizations and more by choosing their paths. As players explore, level up, and earn keys, rooms in the Reward Tower can be unlocked, containing exclusive characters, Sprays, Charms, Pets, and other cosmetic enhancements. The best part? A season’s Reward Tower will never expire and can be played at any time once purchased, giving players more agency over their experience.

Each Founder’s Pack also grants full access to the Gloom Break: Reward Tower. Wayfinder’s Reward Tower provides a fresh take on a traditional Battle Pass formula offering 100+ unique items. The Reward Tower never expires once purchased and also grants access to each Season’s newest character allowing full freedom for everyone to truly play their way and select the content that matters most to them.

For more information about Wayfinder’s Reward Tower, visit the official Wayfinder website.

Play Wayfinder at Upcoming 2023 Global Events to Earn Exclusive Merch

Wayfinder is going global and Gamescom attendees will have an opportunity to go hands-on with Wayfinder when Europe’s biggest gaming convention kicks off on Wednesday, August 23. Attendees can find Wayfinder in Level Infinite’s booth located in Hall 6 from August 23 – 27. Select Gamescom attendees will have an exclusive opportunity to go hands-on, a chance to meet Creative Director Joe Madureira, and win limited-edition game merchandise or participate in experiential photo opportunities. Additional playable titles at Level Infinite’s Gamescom booth include: Arena Breakout, Assassin’s Creed®: Codename Jade, GTFO, Stampede: Racing Royale, and SYNCED.

On the other side of the world, fans in Seattle can look forward to playing Wayfinder at a special off-site celebration event during PAX West, with even more chances to snag some swag. Meanwhile, fans in New York can mark their calendars for New York Comic Con (NYCC) with demos and more coming to the show floor. Additional information on Wayfinder’s presence at Gamescom, PAX West, and NYCC will be available soon, in addition to details on other flagship entertainment events where players can find Wayfinder

Founder’s Packs Trailer

Venomess Character Trailer

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