Ways to use fused mushrooms in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears Of The Kingdom Mushrooms Shield Inventory Screen

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can now use mushrooms for far more than just healing and status buffs for your meals. Mushrooms’ newfound utility can largely be attributed to the new Fuse ability, which can imbue your weapons, arrows, and shields with all sorts of interesting effects. Not every fused item does something interesting, but mushrooms actually have a couple of decent uses when attached. If you wish to learn all of the properties that fused mushrooms have in Tears of the Kingdomthen this guide will let you in on the details.

Tips for using fused mushrooms

The most obvious unique trait of mushrooms comes when you fuse them with your melee weapons. Doing this turns them into “bouncy” weapons, which means that every charged attack or last hit of your standard attack combo will fling enemies much, much further away than usual.

Of course, this tends not to work on bosses or enemies that don’t enter some kind of “ragdoll” state when hit with a strong attack. But on regular enemies, this property can really help with crowd control or simply provide some fun visual comedy. The property becomes especially useful when near water or a cliff, as one clean hit will often seal enemies’ fates right there and then.

Additionally, though, mushrooms boast a more hidden property that I did not know or hear about until recently. Normally, shield parries can only disarm an enemy when the guard stat of your shield exceeds the attack stat of the weapon the enemy tries to hit you with. But if you have a mushroom attached to your shield, the parry will disarm the enemy every time regardless of stats. Needless to say, this can especially help in the early game, both as a quick way to gather more weapons and as a way to reduce the enemy’s offense.

You can also burn fused mushrooms to set enemies on fire, but you’re much better off using a burning stick or a dedicated fire-based item. Also, note that the universal properties of mushrooms do not apply to Puffshrooms, an entirely separate item that’s arguably among the most useful tools in the entirety of Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears Of The Kingdom Mushrooms Shield Parry Disarm

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