What are Damage Buckets in Diablo 4? All types explained

What Are Damage Buckets In Diablo 4 All Types Explained

while playing Diablo 4, you may not even realize all the mechanics going on behind the scenes. Some of them have terms, like Item Power levels and Breakpoints. Similar to this is something called Damage Buckets. You could go your whole playthrough without understanding what this means, but it can be helpful to know it. We’ll explain what all the types of Damage Buckets are in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: Damage Buckets explained

This can be quite a convoluted topic, so we’ll try to keep it simple. The term Damage Buckets simply refers to categories of damage types. This term was actually coined by the community, and isn’t a term in the game itself. But understanding how Damage Buckets work can help you deal more damage. The goal is to multiply the different Damage Buckets to create the most damage. In total, there are about seven different Damage types.

  • weapon damage
    • Your weapon’s Item Power.
  • Skill damage
    • Weapon damage multiplied with skill damage coefficient, increased by upgrading skill ranks.
  • Class attribute
    • Your class’ primary attribute, multiplied with damage divided by ten.
  • Critical damage
    • The chance of giving critical damage, multiplies all your damage by a 1.5x multiplier.
  • Damage modifiers
    • Affixes and Paragon Glyphs, damage with specific conditions.
  • Vulnerability damage
    • Damage which gives Vulnerable debuff that inflicts 20% more damage.
  • Overpower damage
    • Attacks have 3% chance of Overpowering, which adds your HP and Fortify pool to your hit.
What Are Damage Buckets In Diablo 4 All Types Explained Stats

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How to improve your Damage Buckets in Diablo 4

The further you progress in Diablo 4, the more chances you’ll get to upgrade the Damage types, which will improve your overall damage. There are a few different ways to do this.

  • Upgrade your weapon damage: This damage number is what all other damage buckets are based off of, so visit a Blacksmith to upgrade your weapon. If it’s still too low, find a better weapon.
  • Focusing on multiplication over addition: The way you do this is by investing in all of your Damage types over just one. This prioritizes multiplying the damage over adding it.
  • Prioritize Vulnerability: This is one of the best Damage types, so investing in this Damage Bucket will deal better damage.
  • Upgrade Glyphs: Once you unlock the Paragon board, and can add Glyphs into them. Focus on leveling up your Glyphs.

Hopefully, our explanation on what all the Damage Bucket types are in Diablo 4 was helpful! This is why it’s important to upgrade all your Damage Buckets instead of investing everything into one type. You’ll inflict much higher damage if your Damage types multiply, instead of if they just add to themselves.

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