What is the orange dot next to dungeons in Diablo 4? Explained

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Diablo 4 is a deep and complex game with a million different systems and processes to understand. The vast map is always populated with various locations and points of interest to discover, but they can become confusing. Diablo 4 has not been shipped with any kind of index, so figuring the map out takes time. Things like dungeons, cities, and cellars are straightforward, but others are not so much. Something that has got players scratching their heads is the orange dot that shows up next to a Diablo dungeons; there is no clear explanation of what it is in.

What is the orange dot next to the dungeons in Diablo 4?

What is the orange dot next to dungeons in Diablo 4?  Explained

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The Dungeons in Diablo 4 usually sport one of two different emblems. One is the image of a chest, which means that the Dungeon is still yet to be conquered. If the image of a chest is present, it signifies that there is still an Aspect to get on completion. However, if the Dungeon only has a tick by it, it means that the Dungeon has been completed, the Aspect collected, and the current character has rinsed it for all it is worth.

The final emblem that is displayed next to a Dungeon in Diablo 4 is the orange dot. This signifies that the Dungeon has been completed in this realm already. The realm can be occupied by a lot of characters, all controlled by the same player. It is only necessary to complete a Dungeon with one character to unlock the Aspect for all characters in the realm. So, if there is an orange dot on the Dungeon, it means that that character can still gain the XP and completion of the Dungeon, but there will be no Aspect rewarded at the end.

Of course, there is always a benefit to completing a Dungeon again with a new character, as the XP and loot will always be beneficial. Once you run through the Dungeon in Diablo 4 with the orange dot once again, it will be removed.

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