What to upgrade first in Dave the Diver

Best First Upgrades In Dave The Diver

If you have just started Dave the Diver, then you’re probably wondering what to upgrade first. Should you upgrade your diving equipment or the interior of the restaurant, and should you sell your fish? Here are the best ways to spend your money in Dave the Diver.

Note: If you’re looking to hire staff, you should definitely check out our best staff employees in Dave the Diver guide.

Dave the Diver: Best early upgrades, explained

What To Upgrade First In Dave The Diver

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The best early upgrades in Dave the Diver are your air tank, diving suit, cargo box, and harpoon gun. As you complete the prologue, you’ll get the iDiver app which is where you can spend money to upgrade your diving gear.

In fact, while I suggest upgrading the lowest cost upgrade and continuing up in that way so you slowly upgrade everything, the first upgrade I suggest getting is cargo box. With a bigger cargo box, you can catch more fish during your run which, in turn, means you can enhance your sushi faster and make more money quicker.

The second early upgrade I recommend is getting new guns. While guns often require other items, you may need to spend some money to fully unlock a gun. This is especially worth it for the good guns, like the Triple Axel.

Does interior decorating matter in Dave the Diver?

Interior Upgrades Dave The Diver

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Besides being a fun way to customize your sushi restaurant, no, customizing the interior of the restaurant doesn’t matter. While it would be cool if more expensive decorations equaled better reviews and posts on Cooksta, interior decorating doesn’t have any benefits in Dave the Diver.

Because of that, I highly suggest you upgrade the decorations of your restaurant last. Since upgrading your equipment and weapons will allow you to get more fish, and in turn sell more sushi, that should be your number one focus for what to upgrade first. Save upgrading your restaurant’s look for later.

Should you sell your fish in Dave the Diver?

If you’re low on cash or just need a little extra for an upgrade, you can always sell your fish by going to the restaurant and looking at your inventory. Each item in Dave the Diver has a different sell price, which is why I recommend you check out our best items to sell in Dave the Diver guide.

Selling fish can give you extra money, but it’s the worst way to make money in Dave the Diver. The best way to make money fast in Dave the Diver is to catch big fish, enhance the sushi, and consistently serve that high-level sushi to customers each night.

What you can focus on right now is where to find the Sea People’s Stone Slab. Completing quests will not only progress the story of Dave the Diverbut also give you some more pocket change.

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