Whatever happened to early access VR MMO Neon Exile?

Whatever happened to early access VR MMO Neon Exile?

Back in May 2021, the early access VR MMO Neon Exile broke its two-year-long bout of radio silence with word of an upcoming PvP battle mode test. Since then, we’ve gotten recent word of what’s happening with both the game and developer Mythical City Games, which in turn has caused us to wonder whatever happened to the title. It looks as if things have been extremely bumpy all around, yet development is supposedly still going to push on.

Let’s get caught up with the game’s history first: The planned PvP test did indeed happen as scheduled, but after that the studio once again fell radio silent until last September, when Mythical City announced the end of early access development because SpatialOS, the MMO’s third -party multiplayer backend provider, was no longer available for it to use; its single-player training missions remained playable, but the multiplayer portion, and its associated early access, were focused.

Readers will recall that game was announced as a SpatialOS game back in 2019but SpatialOS is still active tech, so it’s not entirely clear what Mythical means when it says its “tightly integrated” server tech “is no longer available” for use in the game.

That leads us to a recent newsletter from Mythical City that announced a “new initiative to resurrect Neon Exile” – and that initiative is a Patreon page.

“With the Expeditions Guild, players can subscribe to join via Patreon and directly contribute to the games of the future. Neon Exile will be one of those games that we plan to help fund with the Expeditions Guild.”

The announcement further promises to get the game’s single-player portion back up for PC VR and Quest headsets over the next two months, along with a focus on expanding single-player offerings and attempting to find a new multiplayer server provider. Those who have previously bought Neon Exile in early access will be getting free access to the new single-player prototype; details are promised soon.


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