Where to find and what to do in the Gerudo Underground Cemetery in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears Of The Kingdom Gerudo Underground Cemetery Gibdo Enemies

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, many of the areas found within the Depths fall under some kind of category. Abandoned mines, coliseums, and Yiga Clan bases make up just a few of these categorized locations, and most of the major discoveries you’ll have in the Depths will lead you to one of these places. However, the Depths does house some entirely unique areas as well. One such location comes in the form of the Gerudo Underground Cemetery, a Gibdo-infested area found far underneath the Gerudo Desert. This Tears of the Kingdom guide will focus on how you can reach the Gerudo Underground Cemetery as well as what you can accomplish there.

Gerudo Underground Cemetery—Location and rewards

When exploring the Gerudo region on Hyrule’s surface, you can run into the Arbiter’s Grounds, an area filled with movement-hindering quicksand that features a shrine as a reward for managing to cross it. The Gerudo Underground Cemetery rests below the Arbiter’s Grounds in the Depths, although even without this knowledge, you can easily access the cemetery by searching the southwest portion of the Depths map.

Once there, you will spot several ancient tombs covered by stone slabs, many of which hide small batches of collectibles. The tomb in the very center hides a chest containing a large crystallized charge, which adds 20 crystallized charges to your total. Not exactly a huge amount, but it will help max out your Energy Well upgrades regardless.

Ultimately, though, the Gibdos are the main reason you’ll want to visit here. Gibdos can drop the powerful arrow-enhancing Gibdo Bone items when defeated, making the cemetery a helpful place for gathering many of them at once. It especially comes in handy after you beat the main Gerudo questline, as doing so will cause most of the Gibdos roaming around Gerudo Desert to permanently disappear.

There still exists a few housed in caves and the final area below Hyrule Castle, but they seem to be spread pretty thin from my experience. The Gerudo Underground Cemetery is the most reliable Gibdo material-farming location that I have found post-Lightning Temple in Tears of the Kingdomso definitely stop by here if you want to add a ton of kick to your arrows.

Tears Of The Kingdom Gerudo Underground Cemetery Map Location

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