Where to Find Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver (& What It Looks Like)

Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver

The Pokemon-inspired Marinca app mandates players to catch ’em all in order to unlock rare cards in Dave the Diver. One, in particular, is the Atlantic Bonito, which has a similar design to other small-sized sea critters. In this guide, we’ll help you narrow down the search for this distinct type by showing you where to find it and what it looks like.

How to Get Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver

The Atlantic Bonito can be found during the daytime at the 50-130 meter Blue Hole Depth level, primarily near the sunken delivery ship. Since it feeds on fish and squid, you can look around for these creatures to pinpoint their location.

Atlantic Bonito in Dave the Diver
Image Source: MINTROCKET via Twinfinite

Although the fish features a similar design to the Atlantic Mackerel, you can tell the difference with the Atlantic Bonito’s green-colored fin and slightly larger size. Players may also find a large group of this critter type, where you can utilize net traps to acquire a substantial amount.

If you aren’t sure where to locate the sunken delivery ship, you can dive near the expedition’s starting point, which typically spawns a few sharks. Given the depth level, you may need to upgrade Dave’s oxygen and suit to withstand the pressure.

Once you capture the fish, you can use it for recipes at the restaurant, including the Atlantic Bonito Sushi and Atlantic Bonito Curry. Players can gather the remaining ingredients from the Vegetable Farm, Cooking Pots, and Dispatch missions to complete the dish for the menu.

With the Atlantic Bonito’s location out of the way, you can discover more fish in Dave the Diver by checking out our White Trevally Fin guide. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below for additional content.

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