Where to find Sarat’s Lair in Diablo 4

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Even if you’ve beaten the campaign, Dungeons are great places to earn EXP and Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4. The grind to level 50 is a long one, especially if you’ve done it already on your Eternal Character. Fortunately, a few Dungeons stand above the rest as reliable sources of EXP. With that in mind, let me show you where to find Sarat’s Lair in Diablo 4one of the best EXP farms in the game.

Even if you don’t need EXP, Sarat’s Lair is worth a visit if you’re a Sorcerer, as it unlocks the Snowveiled Defensive Aspect for the class. It’s not exactly a staple of Sorcerer builds, but an excellent defensive option nonetheless.

Where to find Sarat’s Lair in Diablo 4

Where to find Sarat's Lair in Diablo 4

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You can find Sarat’s Lair in the southwest of Scosglen. I’ve circled the location in the image above, and the closest Waypoints are either Firebreak Manor or Cerrigar. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll quickly realize that Sarat’s Lair is one of the easier Dungeons to navigate. In this locale, the goal is to destroy three static targets around the map. Once that’s done, return to the middle and deal with the boss. There are no time-consuming objectives like placing items on pedestals or, everyones favorite, collecting Animus. Sarat’s Lair is a kill-fest from start to finish with minimal backtracking.

Just because the Dungeon is straightforward, it doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Sarat’s Lair is full of Spiders, and there’s a lot of poison that will slowly chew away at your health if you stand in it. The final boss is a giant Spider, and although it’s an easy target, you may need to disengage to heal if the Poison damage gets out of hand.

What’s so special about Sarat’s Lair?

The Legendary Aspect is a nice bonus for the first completion, but what we really care about is the EXP. On average, Sarat’s Lair has the highest exp yield per time spent in the entire game. This statistic is accurate for both solo and group play.

Reddit user u/Drybear has posted up the maths to back up this claim, and thanks to his remarkable work in other games like Smite, he’s a reliable source. There are a few reasons why this Dungeon is so good, but the most obvious ones are the simple map layout and lack of annoying objectives. Even though maps are randomly generated to a point in Diablo 4Sarat’s Lair is usually a small Dungeon and doesn’t take long to traverse.

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