Where to find the Frostbite Shirt in Tears of the Kingdom

Where To Find Frostbite Shirt Tears Of The Kingdom

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There are a plethora of new and fashionable outfits to wear in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Whether it’s a new tunic, trousers, or headwear, you want Link fit for fashion and function. The Frostbite Shirt works for both, as it looks great, and has some cool abilities. But where can you find the Frostbite Shirt in Tears of the Kingdom? Read on to find out!

Tears of the Kingdom: Where to find Frostbite Shirt

There’s a specific cave Discovery you’ll need to find in order to locate the Frostbite Shirt. Northeast of the Tabantha Frontier and traveling between Tabantha Hills and Rito Village is the entrance to Brightcap Cave. You’ll probably notice it by two Hylian sisters speaking with each other in front of the cave entrance.

Where To Find Frostbite Shirt Tears Of The Kingdom Brightcap Cave

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once inside, you’ll be put first with a Horrible. Not only that, but further inside is a Like Like, which is that creature who sticks on walls, eats you, and spits you up. The way to tackle this enemy is either by forcing its weak point to show up, or to wait for it.

I like to Fuse a Bomb Flower with an arrow to stun the Like Like, leaving its bright orange weak point open to attack. Or, just get close enough and wait for it to reveal the weakness. If you wait too long, it will try to eat Link, so act quickly.

Keep heading deeper into the cave, and you’ll arrive at a large room with Brightcaps and a Luminous Stone. In this room is also an area blocked by thorns. Get rid of the thorns with fire, either with a special fire weapon or by hitting Flint with a weapon. Behind the thorns is a chest with the Frostbite Shirt inside.

The Frostbite Shirt has a defense rating of two, but its ability gives Link frost attacks when fighting in cold environments. This is one of three parts from the Frostbite set, so stay tuned for guides on finding the rest!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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