Where to find the Pearlescent Bubble Key to use the Bubble Lifter in WoW Dragonflight

Where to find the Pearlescent Bubble Key to use the Bubble Lifter in WoW Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s Forbidden Reach patch 10.0.7 brought many fresh changes to the Dragon Isles and its denizens, including the addition of a new single-player solo scenario called the Zskera Vaults. Players will enter the Zskera Vaults and solve various puzzles and unlock doors and chests to obtain valuable new items, including an epic quality ring called the Onyx Annulet. One of the first puzzles you’ll need to solve in the Zskera Vaults is activation of the Bubble Lifter found in the vault’s main chamber. Here’s how you’ll do it.

How to get the Pearlescent Bubble Key in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Inside the main chamber of Zskera Vault, you’re bound to notice an interactable tool called a Bubble Lifter. The Bubble Lifter is used to ascend to the higher floors of the vaults, beyond those accessible through use of nearby Web Ropes. In order to activate the Bubble Lifter, you’ll first need to find the Pearlescent Bubble Key. The Pearlescent Bubble Key is found in a chest behind one of the locked doors on the vault’s second level. The layout of the Zskera Vault will change from week to week, so please note that required rooms’ locations may change.

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To get up to the second level, first defeat the spiders in the room and you’ll gain access to two web ropes. Simply right-click on a web rope and you’ll ascend to the attached platform. One of these connected rooms will contain a wind elemental and a lootable item called the Flask of Windward Steps. When we completed Zskera Vaults this week, the flask was located in the room we’ve labeled with the #3 in the image above. Upon looting the flask, you’ll gain an additional action button allowing use of the Windward Steps ability. Use this ability to easily jump from platform to platform.

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Once you have the Windward Steps ability, you’ll want to jump to different platforms and open doors until you find a room featuring a large magical forge surrounded by benches. In our clear this week, this room was at #2 on our map above. The Pearlescent Bubble Key is found inside the small blue key chest located on the front right bench inside this room. Don’t forget to also loot the other chests in the room for Dormant Primordial Fragments, Primordial Stones, battle pets, and other goodies.

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How to use the Bubble Lifter in Zskera Vaults

Once you’ve gotten your hands on the Pearlescent Bubble Key, simply head back to the main floor chamber and right-click on the Bubble Lifter. Doing so will activate the Bubble Lifter and you can jump into the bubble stream to become encased within a magical bubble allowing you to ascend within the stream and slowfall to different platforms on higher floors. Use the Bubble Lifter and the Windward Steps ability to make your way through the vaults and access new rooms to unlock. Once you’ve headed into Zskera Vaults and obtained your Onyx Annulet, you’ll want to delve into the vaults to obtain the necessary items to unlock its full potential.

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