Where to find the Severian in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Severian
Final Fantasy 16 Severian

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t let you get deep into its side content until you reach the second act of the game. At this point, you’re able to go and do a bunch more side quests that open up and partake in a thing called hunts. These are essentially monster hunting quests that act as a way for you to tackle a challenge and sometimes even get yourself some new materials. These hunts can be difficult to find however, because the game doesn’t tell you where they are, only a vague location when you collect the hunt from the board next to Nektar. Here’s our guide on where to find the Severian in Final Fantasy 16who’s one of the hunts you need to do to be able to access a certain material.

Where to find the Severian in Final Fantasy 16

The only tip you’re given to find the Severian in Final Fantasy 16 is that it’s north of Sorrowrise, in Rosaria. Sorrowrise is where you’re going to want to look. This location is near Martha’s Rest, so you can fast travel to that location for quick access. Once you’re here, head to the location in the map below. To get here, head to the west and down the elevator in Martha’s Rest, then head to the right. This should put you on a path that puts you near the location that you have marked on your map from the image below.

Final Fantasy 16 Severian Map

Here’s the location of the Severian in Final Fantasy 16. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Fighting the Severian

Once you find the Severian in Final Fantasy 16, you’re in for a tough fight. This fight made me use a lot of my items to get through it and all of my High Potions, because some of the Severian’s moves do significant damage to your HP. The Severian’s attacks are fast to start up, and give you a small window of opportunity to dodge if you’re up close. You can learn the timings over the course of the fight like I did, but even towards the end of the fight I was still finding it hard to dodge every attack.

The one move from the Severian you need to keep an eye out for is the charge move it does with its sword. This attack takes down about 40% of my HP at level 31, and it’s what drained me of my items. Luckily if you keep some distance this move being a charging move can be dodged a lot easier, but getting good damage requires being up close, so it’s all about balancing it out and getting the hits in when you can.

Hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to find and beat the Severian in Final Fantasy 16.

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