Where to find Urzael in Diablo III

Diablo Iii Where To Find Urzael Fight
Diablo Iii Where To Find Urzael Fight

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As an action RPG, Diablo III has its fair share of memorable and formidable bosses. Of course, these bosses also drop insane loot, which is the allure of these games. One such boss is Urzael, the first boss encountered in Act V. Many players find him difficult to locate. Fortunately, we know where to find Urzael in Diablo III.

Finding Urzael in Diablo III

Urzael shows up as the first boss battle of Act V. If you’re playing campaign mode, simply follow the quest ‘The Harbinger.’ You fight Urzael during this quest. If playing adventure mode, you find Urzael at the Tower of Korelan. When you reach the bottom level of the tower, you start fighting Urzael. The Tower of Korelan does not have a direct waypoint, so you must walk there. The nearest waypoint to the Tower of Korelan is Westmarch Heights.

Diablo Iii Where To Find Urzael Map

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Once you’ve teleported to the waypoint, you need to walk around a bit to find the Tower of Korelan entrance.

Diablo Iii Where To Find Urzael Tower Entrance

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Fighting Urzael

Finding Urzael is pretty easy; defeating him provides a little more difficulty. Once you start the fight, Urzael has many special moves:

  • Phase 1
    • Urzael leaps to a marked location, dealing massive fire damage and knockback on landing.
    • Urzael shoots his cannon for high fire damage.
    • The ceiling gets shot with the same cannon, causing debris to fall in marked locations. Debris inflicts fire damage and knockback.

Once down to roughly half health, Urzael enters phase 2.

  • Stage 2
    • Urzael shoots his cannon like a flamethrower, inflicting fire damage in a continuous arc.
    • If you’re in melee distance, Urzael swings the cannon at you, inflicting fire and physical damage.

Urzael telegraphs many of his attacks pretty hard, but don’t underestimate him. His moves deal tons of damage and will defeat you if you’re not paying attention. Defeating Urzael offers chances at some hefty loot like the Ancient Puzzle Ring, but unlike Malthael and his Reaper’s Wraps, Urzael doesn’t have any specific or unique drops.

Diablo III and Reaper of Souls are available on Battle.net.

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