Who won the Zelda Triforce-themed Splatfest? Answered

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Ganondorf will be pleased.

This weekend’s Zelda-themed Splatfest in Splatoon 3 has ended, and Team Power has just been declared the winner. The Splatfest set out to determine which piece of the Triforce people sought, and Team Power swept both Team Wisdom and Team Courage in all categories.

The categories that decided the winner were a sneak peak round, popularity, open battles, pro battles, and tricolor battles.

Team Power won each and every of those five categories. The final score of the Splatfest was 57-0-0. Here is the breakdown of which team won each category and how many points they were awarded:

  • Sneak Peak – Power (7 points)
  • Popularity – Power (8 points)
  • Open Battles – Power (12 points)
  • Pro Battles – Power (12 points)
  • Tricolor Battles – Power (18 points)

The Splatfest lasted the entire weekend, starting on Friday evening and lasting through Sunday evening. After the first half ended on Saturday night, Team Power was the leading team by a small margin, and Tricolor matches began.

This was the sixth official Splatoon 3 Splatfest since the game released last year in September. Team Nessie beat Team Aliens and Team Bigfoot to determine which creature was real during last month’s Splatfest.

All participants of the Splatfest will receive Super Sea Snails. These are used to add sub ability slots on gear and reroll gear abilities. The higher rank you earned while battling during the Splatfest the more Super Sea Snails you’ll receive, with Team Power participants earning a bonus number.

If you enjoyed participating in this legendary Splatfest, you’ll be glad to know that the next Zelda game, Tears of the Kingdom, is releasing this week on May 12. As for Splatoon 3, the current Fresh Season 2023 comes to a close on May 31, so you still have a few more weeks to fill up your catalog.

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