Will Overwatch 2 Still Have PvE? 2023 Roadmap Explained

Will Overwatch 2 Still Have PvE?  2023 Roadmap Explained
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Today, we learned that the Overwatch 2 PvE that was promised back in 2019 is canceled. But don’t riot just yet; Overwatch 2 will still have PvE, it will just be different than what Blizzard originally planned.

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Overwatch 2: Is PvE Cancelled?

While the answer is complicated, the truth is that PvE is not canceled in Overwatch 2. The PvE we were promised back in 2019 is canceled, but it has been reworked which means we will still get Overwatch 2 PvE.

What Will PvE Look Like in Overwatch 2?

Back in 2019 when Blizzard was working on Overwatch 2, they released a gameplay trailer that featured PvE. In this video, we got a glimpse at what Overwatch 2 PvE would look like which included Story Missions and Hero Mode.

Picture: Blizzard

In Hero Mode, you could play solo or co-op, pick a Hero, and level them up which would unlock different branching ability options. To me, it looked like an insanely fun roguelike version of Overwatch that had satisfying progression and the cherry on top was that I could play it all with my friends.

In the latest Overwatch 2 Dev Update video, we were informed that Hero Mode is canceled, but we will still get Story Missions. The PvE Story Missions will roll out a few at a time at the start of each season.

Picture: Blizzard

The future season of Overwatch 2 will be a lot more linear and story-driven thanks to the Story Missions and better-themed seasons.

While it is exciting that we are still getting PvE in Overwatch 2, it still stings that we aren’t getting all of the cool modes and features promised to us. It still remains to be seen how effective and fun PvE will be in Overwatch 2, but I feel equally burned and anxious for what is to come.

– This article was updated on May 16th, 2023

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