Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Zhang Liang Boss Guide

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Zhang Liang Boss Guide

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has you facing off against deadly opponents, one of whom happens to be Zhang Liang. This will be your first true test, as he’s the campaign’s initial boss. Here’s our guide to help you beat Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

How to beat Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhang Liang is the boss in the Village of Calamity, the campaign’s first level. Funnily enough, he tends to be harder than most bosses in the game. It’s partially due to how weak your character is at the start. Likewise, you won’t have a companion to help you out here.

To defeat Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you’ll want to remember that this is a two-phase fight. As such, that means conserving your flasks during the first phase, which is somewhat easy. Around this time, Zhang Liang will only use his Great Club of Polaris, which is a fairly slow weapon. You should be able to deflect the melee hits easily.

After you deplete his HP bar, a short cutscene will play, whereupon Zhang Liang will partially transform into a demon. Although he still has his club, his left arm will elongate after being infused with demonic energy. He’ll have new moves, too:

  • Whirlwind Swipes – He’ll usually swing his left arm in an arc twice.
  • Whirlwind Combo – Does three melee smashes, followed by a circular swipe.
  • Power Charge – Does a backstep before charging your location.
  • Dragon Arm – Pulls his left arm back before it elongates and reaches out for a bite. Be sure to avoid this since it does a lot of damage. If you can deflect this, it’s likely to guarantee a spirit break.
  • Rampage Dash – Jumps backward, then follows up with three quick swings with his weapon.

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With a bit of luck and patience, you’ll be able to beat Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. One of the rewards you’ll receive is the Great Club of Polaris. It happens to be one of the best weapon types in the game due to its power, reach, and attack moves.

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