Wo Long guide: Redistribute your points and change your appearance

Wo Long guide: Redistribute your points and change your appearance

A long way into Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you’ll finally get the opportunity to both respec your character and change your appearance. They unlock at the same time and involve visiting the same NPC. You’ll just have to defeat the (arguably) toughest boss first.

Our Wo Long respec and change appearance guide will tell you when the systems unlock, where you have to go to use them, and how they work.

Defeat Wo Long’s Aoye boss in Part 3

The first Main Battlefield in Part 3 is In Search of the Immortal Wizard. At the end of that quest, you’ll have to tackle the Aoye boss fight, and it’s a brutal one.

Wo Long's Zuo Ci, the Immortal Wizard

The Immortal Wizard.
Image: Team Ninja/Koei ​​Tecmo via Polygon

Once you’re victorious, though, you’ll meet the titular Immortal Wizard, Zuo Ci. He’ll unlock a new Divine Beast for you, and then he he heads to the Hidden Village.

Visit Zuo Ci in Wo Long’s Hidden Village

As soon as you arrive in the Hidden Village, you’ll be facing the Battle Flag. Zuo Ci is in the building directly behind you. (We spent far too long scouring the village before we even thought to look in there.)

When you speak with Zuo Ci, you’ll have several options:

  • Reset Parameters — this is where you’ll redistribute your Virtue Points.
  • Accolade Reward — cash in Accolades (which you get from avenging other players’ deaths) for items
  • Character Creation — change your appearance
  • Interact — Speak with Zuo Ci.

Resetting your Virtue Points in Wo Long

Wo Long's Reset Parameter's menu where you can respec

Respect with the Reset Parameters option.
Image: Team Ninja/Koei ​​Tecmo via Polygon

When you select Reset Parameters from Zuo Ci’s menu, you’ll see a screen similar to the menu for leveling up at a Battle Flag. This is what allows you to respect your character.

As you flip between the Five Virtue Phases, you can hit down to remove Virtue Points from each Phase, and then add those points elsewhere. You can even drop every Phase back to rank one and completely start over.

To lock in your decisions, hit A/cross — there’s actually no prompt on the screen for you to do this.

And there’s no cost no matter how many times you do it.

Changing your appearance

Wo Long's Character Creation menu

Character Creation lets you change your appearance or start from scratch.
Image: Team Ninja/Koei ​​Tecmo via Polygon

picking Character Creation from Zuo Ci’s menu takes you back to the Character Creation screen from the very beginning of the game. You tweak physical details, change your pronouns, or start completely from scratch.

Just like redistributing your Virtue Points, you can change all of your aesthetics for free as often as you like.

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